7 Strategies to Win More Customers via WhatsApp

7 Strategies to Win More Customers via WhatsApp

1. Have a Networking Strategy

Your contacts don’t grow naturally like Instagram followers. Exchange contacts with new people everyday, and use a pro contact gain platform like Greenconnect.


2. Furnish your WA Business Profile

60% of your new contacts or more, would visit your profile to have an idea on what you do. Fill in all infomation, catalogue, and use quality graphics designs to make it appealing.


3. Post on your status regularly.

Showing up consistently in front of your audience will increase their likelihood of purchasing or patronizing you very quickly.


4. Do not underestimate the power of Content

Not everything you post should be all about your business. Educate, Inform, Inspire and captivate your audience with valuable posts. You can also have us assist you.


5. Know thy Buyer

This doesn’t mean asking your buyers personal questions, rather, it’s having a clear understanding of who the kind of people that patronize you, are, as well as their cares and the problems that make them look for your kind of service. Not everybody is your audience.


6. Make use of Chat Labels

People who show interest in an item or service can be followed up more easily if they are labeled. Have a label for your prospects at each stage of their interests, and follow them up without being too salesy. “A good marketing does not look like marketing.”


7. Create a Lead Generation Strategy

A lead is a marketing term for a person who shows interest in a brand’s products or services, which makes the person a potential customer. A good WhatsApp strategy is to create irresistible offers, promote them and have people save your number, while you label them as LEADS.




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