Making Money Online – What it Means and How to Start

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Making Money Online - What it Means and How to Start

Contrary to what most people think, making legit money online comes with effort and skill. There’s no route to getting quick money online that is legit. To become rich from working online you must be prepared to learn and grow. It’s just like starting a business or starting out a career in the real world. Your income grows as you gain experience in your domain.

Understanding What it is to work Online

One can have a fulfilling business he or she does online. The problem is that we need to challenge the way we see the internet.

How do you see the internet?

The internet can be likened to be a very urbanized city with lots of organized transport flow and a planned order of activity. When you surf the internet, you’re either on one website or the other. You’re either shopping, reading, watching a movie or making a transaction. Each website you’re on, is like a building or a firm in which you navigate to get what you want. Each building has a purpose. For example, a bank building serves a different purpose from a supermarket building. A video watching website serves a different purpose from a newspaper website. These are different services or value being rendered to the surfer.

According to a theory on the Science of Money, the ultimate purpose of money is to help everybody serve everybody. Money has been the best scale for value. To make money, you’ve got to offer a service. Even a retailer offers service by making a product available to a potential customer. Moreover, on a fundamental level, all products was a service. Have you read up the Science of Money?

First things to consider when starting out to earn online

Perhaps you’re looking for a platform to make money online. Perhaps you have not the faintest idea of what to do online. You’re not alone. However, you would need to think about a service you can render and how you can Digitize it, and put it online on suitable platforms. (A platform that can market you)

Let me elaborate;

Your service could be anything, from being a good cook to knowing how to write. Recall the Science Money, services comes from skill and skill comes from knowledge. Services is something youre doing and someone can benefit from it. Skill is something you can do very well.

Digitizing these things simply means putting it online where people can see it and reciprocate the value that you give by paying money. If you have a reach or you have quite a number of people that can hear about what you’ve put online, simply create a website, or a blog. You can contact us for that. If you don’t, there are platforms that will open up your knowledge or skill or services to people. They include ;

  1. YouTube : Creating videos and showing yourself
  2. Fiverr : A website for freelancing
  3. WahClass : A website that helps you discover your niche, create a topic and make money online.
  4. Upwork : Another website for freelancers.

As a freelancer, you already have services you render. You may want to consider these websites. If you don’t have a service you render, but you’re apt and have passion for a topic, consider If you have a skill you’d like to show off, perhaps you’re a comedian or good cook or a video maker, YouTube is for you.

Schwiz Cares

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Schwiz Josh

Schwiz Josh

A Digital Entrepreneur, Programmer, Writer & Scientist with a passion to innovate and enlighten all on the digital life and all of its possibilities. Find me on social media with @schwizjosh
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