Chatbots – 6 Reasons Why You Need them for Business Growth

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Ever heard of chat bots? Ever heard of UBA’s Leo? That guy saved a lot of persons the stress of walking into a bank filled with seething crowd. People no longer had to stand in queues for long hours before carrying out transactions as straight forward as opening an account or funds transfer or enquiries about other bank anything. It didn’t take long for other banks to incorporate this. Leo is a great guy. He was good at meeting my demands till I started asking trash, he frustrated me! Had similar experience?

Or Jumia bot –the user friendly insider that communicates with us as a friend, that shopping buddy that makes shopping more comfortably and natural. It helps you search for products seamlessly. These are just very few example amongst so many.  The Chatbot world is doing magic to e-commerce round the globe and everyone who’s interested in getting the world’s attention to their business must jump on this. Today, the tough competition makes it mandatory for every business to adopt the innovative technology. It’s crucial for businesses to catch unique trend, to be early enough to grab profit immensely and maintain a successful algorithm for a long term. From a couple of years ago, AI chatbot and chatbot development have emerged as the most followed trend. Here are 6 reasons why you need to incorporate Chatbots into your businesses  


1. Automated Customer Support For Similar Queries

For any industry type, there are FAQs that users generally ask. And trust me, it’s going too be monotonous and frustrating for physical customer support providers to keep answering the same questions but with the help of a chatbot, specific automated answers to numerous  similar queries can be assured even in the absence of physical attention. Wow then that’s relieving right? Well, for such purposes, chatbot is the best engaging way to answer these common questions.  


  1. Chatbots are Cost Efficient and Time-Efficient

 With the proper use of friendly chatbot, engaging visitors becomes easy and quick as it handles traffics that comes to your business website comfortably. This further help to convert potential traffic into customers. And, just calculate the money spent on customer service labor, here your business can saves money and time which might have been used in apps promotion. This is one of the best ways to buy time in businesses as the chatbot engages your customers turning them into leads without losing any of them to inattention.  


  1. More Success Chances

Since the world is becoming tech inclined. There are more chances that your business will thrive better as more attention is drawn to it because of the tech attractions and thus adopting chatbots, you can lure technology savvy customers and this can further enhance their loyalty towards your business. For instance; if your business is first to adopt new technology, it has more chance to own success. More businesses will continue to tie-up with chatbots in the following year and they are  likely to become the big-win businesses as they will be taking over the world’s attention.  


  1. It’s Cheap To Operate

One of the great advantages of chatbot is, it requires less development cost in comparison to application development. Well, making an investment into a quality product like chatbot is worth it, as it can offer a better experience to your customers.  


  1. Chatbot Development Requires Less Time

It wouldn’t take as much time as required when compared to application development unless you intend making a yet to be seen or really out-of-the-box chatbot but for a fully functional traditional one, it takes less time. Business is basically conversion of less time to maximum wealth possible so the early you will finish your development, the early you can execute strategies and marketing analytics for business.  


  1. It just got started

Based on the fact that it’s a developing innovation in business interactions. Winning through this, means massive win in your business as it gives it an edge above all others. That’s an edge you’ve always wanted.

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Schwiz Josh

Schwiz Josh

A Digital Entrepreneur, Programmer, Writer & Scientist with a passion to innovate and enlighten all on the digital life and all of its possibilities. Find me on social media with @schwizjosh
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