Find the right people on whatsApp

Prioritize quality over quantity by gaining contacts by specialized groups.


1. Eliminate Reaching Out To New People 

With or Niche Contact Gain, we take care of that. In fact, they come to us.

2.  You save money on adverts!

3. You get your contacts as a VCF file

Make it easier to bulk-save new contacts on WhatsApp.

4. Discover Your Perfect Contacts 

You can add relevant potential buyers from different fields or regions in a short time.

5. Boost Status Views

They’ve already saved your number, so you don’t have to reach out to them to save it. The will add to your status viewers.

6. Community Benefits

Trending Contact Gain Groups (Niches)

Business Owners & Investors
Females in Anambra
Technology lovers
Ladies Beauty & Fashion
People in South South
Avid Travellers
People in South East
Freelance Gurus
Men’s Fashion
Females in Calabar
Crypto Dealers
Marketers and Copywriters
Students & more…


  • All Contacts Pass through Admin

All Groups are private and new members are verified by Admins. So you never worry about fake followers.

  • Contacts are named in an easily sortable format

Contacts will appear as Z/Code/Their Name. The Z makes them appear after your regular contacts, while the code is for easy sorting.

  • Its all within WhatsApp

From getting started to connecting with people, Its all within everybody’s most important communication app. WhatsApp.

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