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Privacy Policy (for those you aren’t familiar with the definition of the term) refers to the statements of how a website or digital platform uses and/or protects the users information. And as a user of the internet, you have the right to know how a digital platform uses your data. And that’s why all websites have that

That being said, below is our Privacy Policy Statement

◼️ WA SALES TOOLS is run by Schwiz Web Ltd. A body and not a single individual. Our official website is

◼️ The Data we collect from you – Your Name – Your Phone Number – Your Region or State – Your Industry

◼️ Basis for Collection – Consent – Necessary for our service

◼️ For what specific purpose is the data collected? – Social Services & Contact Gain

◼️ How we collect data – Direct Messages & Forms o

◼️ What 3rd Party will have access to the information? None. We don’t give contacts to people outside the network you’re subscribed to.

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