The Right Content Gets You More Clients

If you want to grow your business, you need more clients than you currently have. You also need to get more people talking about you, sharing what you’re up to, and recommending your business to others. The best way to get both of these things is by putting out content that’s interesting and informative enough that it will motivate people to share it with their friends and family, thus growing your network and getting more potential clients in the process. Here are some tips on creating content that gets people talking about you and recommending your services or products.

Content Marketing is King

What Is the Purpose of Content in Marketing?

Every marketer knows that content is important, but why is it important? At its most basic level, content in marketing has two main purposes: brand awareness and lead generation. That’s right—your content’s job isn’t just to entertain or to inform. It’s not even to get your audience to click on ads. Your content exists solely to make your business look good and get more people to buy or continue using its products or services.

Who is Your Audience?

It’s important to know who you’re writing for. Write down as much information about your audience as possible; when, where, how often and what they do are all pieces of information that will help you produce relevant content. This not only helps you create content your audience wants to read but also gives you a better chance of ranking in search engines when people are looking for someone like you. (This is perfect when your content is published online.

What exactly should I write about?

Search engines like Google want to help people find exactly what they’re looking for. That means you need to answer that question, plus a few more. What kind of client are you trying to attract? What topics do they care about? Where do they go online when they have questions or problems? Take time to understand your ideal customer—think beyond demographic information and think about their passions, daily activities, and interests.

What are Some Helpful Resources?

Here are links to several resources that can help guide you in developing high-quality content. These include:

  1. Writing for online audiences as explained by
  2. An online Content creators community like ContentDrive
  3. Tools to develop your personal brand as elaborated by business2community
  4. An influencer list of authors, journalists, or industry leaders who have established authoritative voices in their niche. You can research them on your network or social media.

We can save you all the work as you focus on other aspects of your business when you opt in for ContentDrive


Content Marketing


Why Does Content Matter So Much in the Digital World?

If a customer is searching for a product or service and finds you on a website like Google, Facebook, or Twitter, or following you on WhatsApp, there’s an excellent chance that person will look at your content before deciding whether to buy from you or visit your physical location. This might be an online portfolio that illustrates your past work, testimonials from satisfied customers you’ve worked with or sold to in the past, the things toy talk about, or even photographs of your office space or store. Digital content should show potential clients who you are and why they should do business with you.


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