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Deep Analysis into 5G: Investigation of Different Theories

5G is an electromagnetic wave. Here’s the order of EM Waves arranged by frequencies in ascending order


Deep Analysis into 5G: Investigation of Different Theories


<Ultraviolet<X-Rays<Gamma rays

Gamma rays, being the most powerful/deadly and is only emitted naturally by Stars.

The sun emits all waves. The earth absorbs the dangerous ones. Light Waves & Infrared is what makes us see and gives us heat respectively. There’s also lots of man made tech that broadcast/transmit waves.

We can’t see EM Waves, but we are swimming in an ocean of them. On the Radio level, They carry information from radio stations, TV, satellite, cellular network, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi over the air. On the Microwave level, they cook our food, spread phone networks and even WI-FI. On the Infrared level, they tune our TV and dry our clothes (I want you to observe something)

On the Light level, EM waves makes us see. On the UV level, they are used for laboratory analysis (it’s from here that Natural occurring EM waves is harmful, UVC rays is responsible for sunburn)

We are not drowned in X and Gamma rays, thank God, because wouldn’t exist in the first place. This beautiful home called earth, protects us from these really bad side of the sun we look at everyday.

The sun is a monster, note that. It just happens to be at a safe distance from us.

You know already what x-rays are for. As for Gamma rays, they are simply deadly.

5G Technology

The tiny bulb at the end of every remote controller beams Infrared radiation in low energy that the remote batteries can power. It beams a light you can’t see. Only your television sees it. Funny enough your phone camera can see it too. Like Morse codes it signals the TV on what to do.

High powered Infrared radiation can heat an object.. That warm feeling the sun gives you is not mere heat at all. It’s Infrared radiation. Some hot plates now use Infrared to cook.

When you observe your radio, you see AM and FM. AM ranges at 50MHz – 89MHz & FM ranges at 89MHz – 105MHz.. Who else has ever found a station in the AM? they are less energetic than FM

From 100MHz, all waves becomes microwaves.

VHF in local TV stations stands for Very High Frequency(300MHz) and UHF means Ultra High Frequency. 300 to 3000MHz.. TVs and Terrestrial satellite TVs use this frequency. DSTV uses btw 10000MHz to 12500MHz.

Evolution of wireless technology  (Majorly Calls and Data transmissions tech)

  • 1G Network(1980) = 150 – 900MHz
  • 2G(1991) Network = 900MHz -1800MHz
  • 3G(2000) = 1600MHz – 2000MHz
  • 4G(2010) = 2000MHz to 8000MHz
  • 5G(2018) = Up to 300,000MHz

Wi-Fi transmits at 2500MHz and Microwave oven heats food at 2400-2500MHz too 


You may ask, if microwave oven operates at 2500, how much more 5G.. Or even 4G or DSTV? ☠

It means Hotspot can cook stuff? And 5G is very dangerous.

I discovered, that Any one from 1G and above is dangerous depending on 1 or more factors;

  • Energy
  • Power
  • Dissipation.

Microwaves don’t exist in nature. It’s our technologies that produce it. In that case, are we slowly moving towards cooking ourselves? Are are living in one big microwave oven? all in the name of a technology advanced world? Lol 

Firstly, how does microwaves work?

The worst thing a microwave can do to anything is to heat it. And the microwave has to be highly powered I.e above 700watts. So energy is No. 1 Factor for danger of 5G.

A modern microwave uses around 1200watts that’s why it’s subject heats up.

On the other hand, your cellphone blast microwaves of less than 1 watt when idle and maximum of 2 watts during call.

But Did You Know?

As much as microwaves penetrate the body, they don’t penetrate deeper than light. (Remember, light coming out from your phone’s torch has higher frequency, 4300000000MHz!)

Light frequency

Close your eyes, point your torch to your eyes, it penetrated your eyelids. 5G may not penetrate the eyelids, talk more of other parts of the body, anyway.

Light is able to penetrate houses cos they’ve got windows. This is similar to how mobile networks penetrate too.
The sun emits this 4300000000MHz freq with 1000watts per sq km. 

Let’s investigate deeper. NOTE that Ultraviolet rays, x rays and up.. Are harmful on all watt levels cos they fall under Ionizing Radiation.

We know that Infrared heats it’s subjects. But what about white light? Let’s examine the effects of white/sunlight as it may proffer the clue to potential dangers of these ones classified under Non-ionizing radiation. (Radio, Microwave, Infrared & Light)

Sunlight is excluded as sunlight is a mixture of rays. Let’s use artificial light as it can be a source of pure light with zero heat

  1. Artificial visible light radiation within the frequency bands of blue (6100000000MHz) and Red (4300000000MHz) can induce photosynthesis in plants
  2. White light promotes the synthesis of neurotransmitters that boost your mood. You feel your mood boost when they bring light.
  3. White light causes pictures and colored objects to fade over a long time. Who else observed?
    Light affects everything as it makes things to give out their color. Soon enough they will run out of colors to give (esp inanimate objects)

We don’t have the sun all the time. If we do, we would in big trouble as all naturally occurring reactions that are triggered by light will be disrupted. That’s why we have the nights. Even God had to give us time to rest from a radiation of 4300000000MHz to 7900000000MHz.

5G, A microwave of this magnitude (80,000MHz) beaming on us 24/7, 365 days even at low wattage cannot be totally safe.

And this is why Notable science pundits and Doctors has said its unsafe.

I however investigated deeper and frequency was less of a factor.

According to a statement on cell towers, how they work, a 4G cell tower emits a microwave radiation of 5 to 10watts and is dissipated over an area . Sames goes to 5G. Recall that the worst that a microwave can do is to heat certain things. (It has to 1. be confined to s small space like the Oven, and (2). its energy has to ramp up to 1200watts )

In conclusion, considering this, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about

And Oh! There’s no linkage of 5G to coronavirus. That’s completely bogus and I couldn’t find any base.

Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts in the comments below,


Schwiz Josh

Schwiz Josh

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James Paul
James Paul
4 years ago

Quite enlightening, well explanatory, too much of brain

Schwiz Josh
3 years ago
Reply to  James Paul

Thanks for your feedback!

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