7 Ways to Advertise Your Product and Get More Customers


Advertising your product or service can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be hard. By following the 7 strategies below, you’ll be able to effectively advertise your product and gain more customers in no time!

1. Use Facebook ads effectively

Did you know that Facebook is home to one-third of all social media users? Chances are, if you want your product or service noticed, you’ll need to take advantage of some form of advertising on Facebook. If you want your audience to pay attention, be sure your ad focuses on what people care about most: themselves. Rather than looking at a bunch of ads and wondering why anyone would ever need that #100,000 cookware set, potential customers will look at an ad for a discounted store gift card with 4X cash back deals on select produce items and think, Hey! That could come in handy! Besides targeting customers by interests and location, Facebook allows you to use dozens of other options (age range, relationship status) when placing an ad.

2. Offer a discount on your product online

Let’s say you have a new product that people like, but no one knows about it. If you set up a discount for your product, then more people will be interested in purchasing it since they know that they can get it at a lower price than what you’re charging. This is an easy way to attract potential customers. Offer a small discount or free shipping (depending on what products your company sells). You can also work with online advertising companies if your budget is larger.

3. Host an event

From trade shows to meetups, there are tons of ways to get your business in front of a new audience. Hosting an event can feel like a big undertaking—and that’s OK! Just start small. Is there an organization you belong to? Make a proposal for a workshop on how your company uses social media or how you manage customer data. Reach out to local clubs or schools and offer to come talk about what you do or host an info session at their location.

4. Give away samples of your product

A fantastic, low-cost way to promote your product is through sample giveaways. You can do it via social media or hand out samples in public places like eateries or supermarket. The idea here is that if people try your product and like it, they’ll buy it. Note: Make sure you have a marketing strategy in place before doing any of these things, otherwise you could end up wasting precious resources.

5. Create useful content about your product

When you first launch a product, it can be difficult to drum up interest. Create content that’s useful in your niche—and related to your product—and people will be more likely to notice you. Then, when they’re ready for what you have, they’ll come looking for you. Think of how difficult it would be to get people interested in your product if they didn’t know it existed!

6. Ask influencers to talk about your product

Influencers can be people with social media followings or celebrities, but they must have large groups of followers who trust their recommendations. Sending influencers free samples of your product is a good way to convince them that it’s worth talking about. Once they’ve tried it, influencers are likely to talk about it on their social media channels, which will reach thousands (if not millions) of potential customers.

7. Use YouTube influencers effectively

YouTube is a massive video-sharing site, with hundreds of millions of users. If you’re looking for an easy way to reach a wide audience, you can share your product or service with YouTube influencers—people who have established fan bases on social media. Once you build relationships with these people, they’ll be more likely to promote your product because they believe in it. Some people are skeptical about online advertising but will pay attention if a person they trust is raving about something.


Schwiz Josh

Schwiz Josh

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